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Stephen Gregory

Having spent two decades working as a shooter/editor in Los Angeles and New York City, Stephen Gregory is a cultivated and multi-talented visionary with the ability to truly capture the essence of any project.  -A perfectionist… through his sensitive eye, meticulous shot selection and unique perspective, he is able to precisely capture and portray any product or service.


Hailing from Missouri he brings a midwest work ethic and sensibility that was refined in New York City at the School of Visual Arts where he flourished, initiating his distinctive style.  


Above all else... his most important quality is his ability to integrate creatively with others.  He is deeply passionate about his work, fast and accurate in pressure situations, yet he remains personable, energetic, friendly and humble.


He is also an expert snowboarder, crazy motorcyclist, adventurous nature explorer, music connoisseur, and loving father.

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